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Good Morning Nate,

FROM THE GM - Vicki Richardello

We have been approached by a few members and guests questioning our decision on which beer to have both on tap and in the coolers.  Please realize that we cannot stock everyone’s choice. All beers have expiration dates and when we order, we are required to purchase a certain amount.   If you have a preference and intend on drinking more than one or two a week, we certainly want to accommodate you.  We intend to stock the most popular according to how much is sold.  Our suggestion box is on the porch and we want to hear from you. Thanks.

Bryson DeChambeau's average drive in Detroit was 358.3 yards!  No wonder he won!!  Rumor has it that his putter has more loft than his driver!

Tee times are managed by our facility.  We may revert back to 10 minute intervals; a decision will be made soon! 

Shotgun starts are back under EEA Guidelines.  Now is the time to book your event; no group is too small or too large!  We have taken every precaution to keep you and your group safe and will continue to do so.

Remember the ‘plus one’ campaign issued by MassGolf CEO Jesse Mencchem: play one more round, recruit one more golfer to take up the game, improve your handicap by one stroke, purchase one more item at the golf shop or restaurant.
Don’t let this opportunity go by.  Be a founding member on our cartTrac GPS System and ask about what are the EXTRA benefits!

I have just signed a contract with a local company to paint lines for every vehicle in the parking lot. Not only do we want a quality course, we want that image immediately upon entering.  Taylor, a member of grounds crew,  has done such a beautiful job with the plantings;  there is no need for our entrance to not be impeccable!


Please help us keep our greens rolling true!!  Whenever you hit a green, look for the spot where your ball landed and use the correct method to repair that ball mark.  Google ‘correct way to repair a ball mark;’ there are several methods displayed on the proper technique!  It takes 2 seconds to properly repair a ball mark on the green.  If left unrepaired, a ball mark takes 14 days to heal.  If repaired within a couple of minutes, it takes 24 hours to heal!!


Due to the Men’s Member/Guest being played this weekend, the restaurant will be closed Saturday evening as we will be serving a Prime Rib dinner for all participants.  Feel free to visit our restaurant for lunch on Saturday and all day Sunday. 

  • PBR    $3.5
  • Busker Czech Pilsner $5
  • Gold Spike Kolsch $6
  • Amherst Jess $6.5
  • Hoosac Tunnel $6.5
  • Raspberry Hefeweizen $7
  • Steel Rail IPA $7.5

FROM THE PRO - Erik Tiele

Ron Goss and Don Dagnoli will top the all star studded lineup for this  year's Two Day Member/Guest Tournament.  It will be interesting to see who they will be playing against since this event will be based upon qualifying scores from Saturday’s round.

Deadline to sign up for THE PRESIDENT’S CUP AND THE FIRST LADY’S TROPHY is 5 PM  on Friday July 10th, tomorrow.

Our 2nd Junior Golf School of the season is wrapping up today!!  Nine more future golfers have completed our three day event!!  All facets of the game were taught and practiced, and we will conclude today with a small scramble!!!

Ladies’ Chip & Sip will begin this coming Monday, July 13th, at 6 PM. There are still a few spots open, so if you are interested please call the golf shop 458-8355 and register.  Again, you don’t have to attend every week!!  Sign up for the weeks that you can attend.  $20 a week gets you instruction, an adult beverage afterwards and some great conversation with new friends--and me!!!!

SALE!!  Every golf bag in the shop is being offered at  25% off for this weekend only!! Our shop is open to the public, so why not grab a Titleist, TaylorMade, Cleveland, Ogio, Hot Z, or Callaway bag.  Some companies offer your name sewn on at no charge!!  If we sell out of your brand, we will order for you and still apply the 25% discount!!  Not too early to buy that Christmas gift for your honey….after all, the honey dew list still has few things on it that you expect to be completed.

The winner of the Sunday Sweeps was: Gross side of the field was led by Chris Bourdon (67) in first, second developed into a tie between Al Stalker and Jim Crews with their 69’s. The net side saw John Marlowe (57) take down first,  second place went to Jake Jowett (59) and third was won by Bill Molloy (60).

Fantasy Golf standings will begin after this week!!! It should be interesting who will claim the top spot with this first posting of the standings!!!

Dick Syriac (laryoflenox) writes:

Nice to see Western Mass native Richy Werenski cash another check on the PGA tour. The Springfield native, who grew up in the backyard of The Orchards Golf Course in South Hadley, pocketed $69,000 at the Rocket Mortgage tour stop in Detroit last weekend. He finished -13. That brought the Georgia Tech grad's earnings to $677,429 for the 2020 season.  His dad Mike was a pro in the Pioneer Valley for years and his brother Micky plays D-1 golf in Texas.

Speaking of the tour, many players did not follow Covid 19 guidelines at the Rocket Mortgage event. There were numerous high fives with caddies and player hugs after the action.

I wish I could have gotten odds on David Price electing to not compete when, and if, there is a baseball season. His desire to compete was an issue before the pandemic.

Most golf clubs have quite an extensive lost and found department and Cranwell is no exception. In the past I recall someone forgetting that they left their car at the course for 3 days!!!!  Last week there was a complete set of sticks left on the driving range. When the man returned the next morning he said, “Yes I'm the bozo who belongs to those….. long story, thanks". He left before I could tell him that I changed a fifty from his wallet that was in the pocket.

Former Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey had a chance to sign both Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays and declined. No wonder they renamed Yawkey Way. The Yale grad, beside being a racist, was also stupid.

Thanks are in order to Mike Deep for honoring my press credentials last Wednesday. We found the course to be in great condition and we saw many familiar faces. Tom McGrath and wife were spotted, Coach Jim Freeney was seen standing on the wrong side of the ball again and it was hard to miss Nick Petropulos waiting to tee off on #1. If you took the over on my attempt to break 80, you win.

Note to the kitchen staff, you feature the best french fries in the county. Note to anyone ordering them, bring your own ketchup to avoid working up a sweat opening the tiny packets that are required by the guidelines.

It has been two days so I guess it is time for me to respond to an inquiry made by a guest at Cranwell. He wondered "Hey, do you work here? There is no water on the golf course, it's hot and I need some water.”  Here you go pal  “It is not that hard to figure out, bring some with you, and if I didn't work here I would not have on a Cranwell shirt, hat and a badge with my name on it, and you have a nice day.  Oh, if you ever play Waubeeka , try the fries.”

PGA Tour

Buffed up Bryson DeChambeau won The Rocket Mortgage Classic at Detroit Golf Club by 3 shots over Mathew (50-1) Wolff. The ‘scientist’ from SMU may be in the process of changing the game to a pitch & putt type of event!  He averaged over 350 yards off the tee, so, with that distance, I think most of us could hit 12 or 13 GIR!  The jury is out, but his philosophy may be worth the sacrifice, if success is the goal!!  Today marks the beginning of the Workday Charity Open at the boyhood home of Jack Nicklaus, Muirfield Village in Dublin, OH, which next week will also host the Memorial!!  Once again, there will be no fans in the stands, today or next week.

DEEP Thoughts 

A compelling experience, both for our members and guests ~
that is what we provide at Waubeeka.  Our fairways are manicured like no others, our greens are true and somewhat quick. Every staff member takes pride in their job; they do it well, whether in the pro shop, the grounds or the Tavern.  We have employed Dynamic Pricing this year.  Translation: it costs more to play on weekend mornings and less to play at off peak times.  Do we have the capability to lower our rates? Yes.  We also have the capability to lay off hard working, energetic and dedicated employees.  We also have the ability to lower our standards for mowing, aerifying, cutting, service and perks.  This is a path we choose not to follow!  We think Waubeeka is the best value in the county!  If price is your main issue, check our website frequently for specials or play at off peak times.  If you have a large group, we are the best for accommodating you.  We will do everything possible to make your group have fun, laughs and a quality golf experience for a very fair price.  There is no better value than Waubeeka Golf Links!

Waubeeka Golf Links
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