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Good Morning Nate ,

JULY 4, 2020! 
How does $17.76 sound??? (Look below!)

FROM THE GM - Vicki Richardello

Two more golfers withdrew from today’s Rocket Mortgage Classic Tournament being played in Detroit.  The percentage testing positive is a cause for concern.  Are they practicing being socially distant and wearing masks whenever possible?  We ARE here at Waubeeka. Staying safe is so important right now. Let’s all work to keep our golf courses open.
COVID-19 update.  As this terrible virus continues, the following safety requirements remain in force when coming to Waubeeka.  When entering the pro shop or the restaurant, you MUST have a mask on.  Once seated, no mask is required when dining.  Every cart has been sanitized, every building has been sanitized and every touch point is sanitized and cleaned daily at a minimum.   Please have a mask in your possession at all times and practice social distancing whenever possible.

Warren Buffett said it best, “Never bet against America!  Happy Independence Day to all!”

Happy Birthday tomorrow to our Superintendent, Brian Bartlett!  We are all very proud of the work he and his team have done here.  Please, next time you see him or his crew, give a wave and let them know we notice and appreciate their work!

For the first time in 7 years, there will not be a flag raising dedication this 4th of July.  It is too dangerous for us to be asking the wonderful members of the American Legion and our members to gather for a large event and risk being infected.  Thank you all for your services in the past, and let’s plan for a bigger and better flag dedication in 2021!

Last year in our 3 Day Member/Guest Tournament, Bob Williams’ partner was generous enough to bring us some good golf reading material.  He asked us to share with you, so please, ask and feel free to read and enjoy.  All we ask is for you to return so others may also enjoy these golf reads!!  Thank you, Tom Harack!

Jesse Menachem, the CEO of MassGolf, wrote in the summer issue of MassGolfer that throughout these hard times this great game has seen a resurgence in popularity, and participation is on the upswing!!  Menachem emphasizes the safety of the sport and issues our community this ‘plus one’ campaign challenge: play one more round, recruit one more golfer to take up the game, improve your handicap by one stroke, purchase one more item at the golf shop or restaurant.  Let’s help support our facilities and operators for a rebound and rebuild for a strong future.

Don’t be surprised if you get a call from one of the Waubeeka employees this week, especially if you are a business owner. CartTrac GPS systems are both expensive and do have a monthly fee to keep in our possession.  The good news is, business owners can offer their products on the system every 15 seconds.  Sounds like a win/win and there is no other course that can offer this unique opportunity!  If you own a local company and would like to advertise on it, call 413-441-0993.


We spent most of this rainy week verti-cutting the greens and topdressing for the 3rd time this season!  Keenan is seen dragging the sand on the 8th hole!  We also verti-cut and then overseeded the first fairway! No carts are allowed on hole #1 until the healing process is complete.   


We are now offering indoor and outdoor lunches!!  Unless it’s raining, who would eat indoors when we have such a great outdoor eating arrangement?  We will remain open 1 hour later to celebrate the holiday, Monday, so...we will stop serving at 6 PM!


PBR    $3.5
Busker Czech Pilsner $5
Gold Spike Kolsch $6
Amherst Jess $6.5
Hoosac Tunnel $6.5
Raspberry Hefeweizen $7

Steel Rail IPA $7.5

THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL - Pan Blackened Salmon over pasta or tossed salad $14!

FROM THE PRO - Erik Tiele

We’re celebrating the 4th of July on MONDAY!  Play Waubeeka anytime for $17.76~ morning, noon or night!!  This will be the walking rate for 9 or 18 holes! Cart fees will be additional. Please, no phone calls.  This deal is only good if you register on-line!

The Two Day Member/Guest  on July 11 and 12 is beginning to fill up!! What a great way to showcase your home away from home on a spectacular golf course!!  Golf, dinner, carts, lunch and a pair of shoes for you and your guest for only $260!!!  Signup deadline is Tuesday.

THE RYDER CUP, THE PRESIDENT’S CUP AND THE FIRST LADY’S TROPHY sign up sheets are on the outside bulletin board and in the pro shop.  These tournaments are for MEMBERS ONLY!  Still time to join for this season!

Our 2nd Junior Golf School of the season will begin next Tuesday and registration is once again full!! It is nice to see so many youngsters become interested in a game that they will be able to play for the rest of their lives!!!  A longtime friend, PGA professional Francis Kringle, will be helping out Brian Gill and myself for this session .

Signups have started for the Ladies’ Chip & Sip, which will begin on Monday, July 13th at 6PM.  Make sure to get your name in for what has become a very popular series of lessons by calling the pro shop,413-458-8355.  $20 a week gets you an hour of instruction, a beverage and some lively conversation and laughs!!

Sunday Sweeps this week was the opposite of last week’s format!! Odd holes on the front added to the back nine total.  Weekly winners were a tie for first between Chirs Bourdon and Jamie Gaffey with 56’s. 3rd Gross went to Russ Gilman only one shot behind with a 57 and 4th was claimed by Jeff Bourdon’s 59. 1st Net went to Ken Hodgdon’s blazing round of 49.8.  Bill Molloy’s 50.4 took home second, while John Marlowe’s 52 nipped Jack Pieraccini’s 52.1 for third!!


With the amount of thunderstorms that we had this past week,  I thought that it would be a good time to bring up our procedure for potential dangerous weather and lightning strikes. 

1. A good rule for everyone is: “ If you can see it (lightning), flee it; if you can hear it (thunder), clear it!!!”

2. Where is a safe place? How quickly can we get there? Golfers should ask themselves. Go to large permanent buildings or get into a fully enclosed metal vehicle (car, van, pickup truck). Avoid trees since they “attract” lightning. Avoid small on course shelters: they are intended only for sun and rain safety. Don’t wait around for the next strike please!!!

IF OUTDOORS...Avoid water. Avoid the high ground. Avoid open spaces. Avoid all metal objects including electric wires, fences, machinery, motors, power tools, etc. Unsafe places include underneath canopies, small picnic or rain shelters, or near trees. If lightning is striking nearby when you are outside, you should:

A. Crouch down. Put feet together. Place hands over ears to minimize hearing damage from thunder.

B. Avoid proximity (minimum of 15 ft.) to other people.

Lightning incidents may not be preventable, but a best effort defense is a prudent thing to do. Education about the lightning hazard is everyone’s job.

We will, as we always have, continue to monitor any potentially dangerous weather. We are re-implementing the use of an air-horn to notify and warn golfers of a potentially dangerous situation. One PROLONGED NOTE (blast), means immediate suspension of play.

Dick Syriac (laryoflenox) writes:

Tip of the cap to Garry(2 r’s) Brown from laryoflenox(1 r).  I'm in a "Hitting to all Fields" mood , with all due respect to good friend Garry Brown of the Springfield Newspapers and Masslive.com. When attending NASC, our first stop on the way to campus each day was to pick up a Springfield Union at Tony Deep's store on Ashland St.  Mr. Brown covered our teams when I was in high school, and is still at it.  Each week he attempts to pick a winner at random thoroughbred race tracks around the country.  I believe "Yee Old Handicapper" as he calls himself, has had limited success at cashing a ticket lately.  Again, with respect, his last winner was Truman!!!!

Here we go:

* Just sitting around wondering what it would feel like if I could just hit just one tee ball like Dustin Johnson did on # 18 at TPC River Highlands on his final hole.

* You're getting old if you remember when Paul DuBois, Dale Granger and Bob Morin laced up the converse All Stars for Adams High.  All three went on to play for Joe Zavattaro at NASC.

* Waubeeka member Fred Scully faced off with this trio when he played for St. Joseph of NA.

* I have fond memories of sitting in the press box at Noel Field with the great Bucky Bullett watching both high school and college games. I recall when he proclaimed  "John Meaney (St. Joe) is the best high school third baseman I've ever seen."  I'll bet he would have picked Jim Rotolo (Drury) for his runner up slot.

* I wonder if my Waubeeka press credentials will get me onto the  Saratoga back stretch this summer.

* Linda and I highly recommend stopping at the A Frame coffee spot on Route 7 on the way to the "Beek". The lot with the purple blocks features homemade baked goods and fine coffee. Nice people, excellent biscottis. 

* That is enough rain for a while, let's play some golf.

* There were some quality golfers who stopped at the Cranwell range last weekend on their way to The Pewter Cup at The Hills. 

* Why is it that someone who has a handicap at two different clubs always takes the higher one on the road?

* Some golf clubs have been nailed for various violations of the covid restrictions . Be careful and smart.

* Very often people will tell me how they miss the North Adams Singles. It was a great event.

* Former head professional at Cranwell John Wells had nothing but praise after he played Waubeeka last week.

* Speaking of former Adams HS and NASC athletes, we were saddened to hear of the passing of one of my former teammates at NA State, Jimmy Bigelow.  Great guy, our condolences to his wife of many many years, Sally Tetlow, who was a cheerleader back in the day at the college.

* I was fortunate to play a round at Waubeeka yesterday, after the Newsletter deadline. The over-under for my score is 80. I'll take the over.

* My best round ever at Waubeeka included a string of birdies starting on Hole #6  and continued thru Hole #12.  On 18 I dunked an 8 iron for a deuce. Quite a round, eh? Not so good when I added up the card and it read 3 under for the day!

As they describe a former Kentucky Derby horse who is entered in a  $50,000.00 claimer,  I had some "back class.”

PGA Tour

Dustin Johnson made it 13 wins on the Tour in 13 seasons with his victory at the Travelers Championship at TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, Ct.  Lucky 13 has pushed his career earning to $63 million!  The big news now leading up to today’s Rocket Mortgage Classic at Detroit Golf Club is who has tested positive (Harris English & Dylan Frittelli bring the total to 5 tour players & 2 caddies) and who has tested negative and keeps getting tested!

DEEP Thoughts 

It’s becoming more important than ever to support your golf club or golf facility, the one that brings you enjoyment every day or every week.  Support means more than paying a greens or league fee.  Why not purchase a drink, have lunch, bring your friend, purchase a sleeve of balls?  We are counting on that.  And, by the way, thank you to those who do!

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