Governor Baker will announce driving range, putting green, and outdoor seating rules on Monday!

Hello Nate, 

FROM THE GM - Vicki Richardello

ANTICIPATION!!! - This Monday, June 8, the Governor’s office will announce new guidelines!!!  Our golfers have adhered to all the current rules and we will not violate the trust placed in us.  Our wish list includes, but not limited to:

  1. Allow us to serve food and beverage on premise.
  2. Open our putting green and driving range.
  3. Allow us to space tee times to 12 minutes, giving us 4 additional golfers per hour and still play in less than 4 hours.

On Tuesday we celebrated Virtual Women’s Golf Day.  Pro Erik Tiele gave us all some great drills to perfect our putting.  We toasted with water; but rumor has it that every participant toasted with “the real deal” when she got home!  

We have installed the CartTrac GPS System on every one of our golf carts!!  They are awesome!!  It gives the distance off the tee box, how far away you are on your second shot, tells you the distance to clear the hazard, it even can make a putt for you -- if you believe!!  Seriously, what a wonderful addition to our golf course.  Please support the 18 advertisers who have so generously contributed to enable us to bring this system to you!  Thanks!

Let’s not give up on having an outing or tournament this season. There are many ways to do it safely:

  1. Choose a date or dates July through October
  2. All tournaments will be 12 minute tee times, no shotgun starts this year.
  3. Think outside the box. Use your imagination to create a unique fundraiser.
  4. Choose a one or two week window when your players can play any day they wish and at the conclusion, we can have a Zoom meeting to declare the prize winners
  5. A possible Par 3 tournament with 18 hole in one prizes.
  6. Rather than a post tournament dinner, perhaps meals to take home for the family
  7. How about a silent auction?
  8. One hundred percent cancellation policy 

It’s a shame that Brown University decided to eliminate GOLF as a varsity sport, especially during this day and age.  No better sport to play right now as far as I’m concerned.

Apologies for an error made of an email address in our last newsletter.  John Christinat, the inventor of Touchless Golf Ball Retriever, can be reached at  He installed 18 ball lifts for us and our golfers loved his invention. Tell your home course to call John before he gets really busy!!

Can’t wait to hang up our Certificate in the clubhouse from DisinfectED and ViaClean showing we used the BIOPROTECTUs System as protection against viruses and bacteria.  We also did the Pro Shop and every cart we own!

The Farmhouse at Waubeeka - long term rental available.  Why stay in a small hotel room, when the 3 bedroom farmhouse is now available for a long term rental!

Have you played Waubeeka without joining?  Did you enjoy yourself and think perhaps you will be playing more often?    We know how much money you have paid, so if you join, we will deduct every dollar you paid to play this year from the cost of a membership!!!  This offer will expire Monday, June 15th, at midnight!!

Did you know that you can purchase a cart to use the entire year for $799, a cart with a GPS system?   Use it as often as you want, for 18, 36, 9 or 2 holes.  Whenever you come over, your cart will be waiting for you!


There is a fine line when it comes to watering greens.  In the morning we run a hose across the greens to dry the water up quickly, then later we put the sprinkler on to moisten the grass!!  Thankfully we have advanced tools and meters to guide our judgment, while temperature throughout the day plays a role in decision making!  The key to a strong root system is our members and guests.  Have a divot tool in your pocket, repair your ball marks, and find one other to repair!  We are proud of the way our greens roll, you are key to this continued success!!

FROM THE CHEF - Rich Wilson

I am hoping to open next Tuesday, June 9, if we can get clearance from the state.  Stay tuned, we will send an email blast to everyone on our list and include the menu.


All handicaps have been updated as of June 1.  Every player should be in the GHIN System.  With 15 minute tee times, every group should finish in less than 4 hours.

FROM THE PRO - Erik Tiele

Golf School - We’re back and now, really bigger than before!  We scheduled two schools, but now are going to increase to 3 sessions.  Each session will be limited to 9 students, ages 7 - 15, 9 AM - 3 PM, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week, accepted on a first come first served basis, $225 per student!!  Sign up for our sessions.  New approved DATES: 

June 23 - 25 - 6 student openings
July 7 - 9 - 8 student openings
July 21 - 23 - 9 student openings

The Pro Shop will begin taking tee times from 7:30 AM starting this weekend.  

The NENY Section of the PGA will hold an informal Pro-Pro event here next Monday, June 8, beginning at 8:30 AM.  Unfortunately, spectators will not be allowed.   This will be our first event of the 2020 season, while from a distance and no mingling afterwards.  It's nice to have my fellow professionals here. Certainly better than not being able to play at all! An added benefit will be the use of the new GPS Units and even more importantly, the new Touchless Ball Retrieval method on the cups. We are anxious to see what other pros think.

Congratulations to AJ Guntlow, owner of Northeast Solar of Williamstown, on the first hole in one of the season here at Waubeeka on Saturday May 30th. AJ recorded his ace on Hole #7. He used a 6 iron and the feat was witnessed by Mitch Spooner, Fritz Spooner and Jim Catelotti. It is his second career hole in one, both of them coming here at Waubeeka!!! Congratulations, AJ!!!

This week's Sunday Sweeps was a bestball event. First gross went to the team of Jamie Gaffey and Al Field with a 70, while first net was claimed by Joe Vanuni and Chuck Lewitt with a smooth 61. Second gross was awarded to Jim Crews and Dan Bourdon’s 72 with the team of Bob Williams and Russ Gilman sliding into second net with 62. Third Gross went to Don Mead and Chris Bourdon’s 73 and third net was taken by Bill Molloy and Jeff Bourdon with their 63. 

FATHER’S DAY PROPOSITION - Dad needs a new Driver.  June 21 is his special day!  I have in stock the latest Titleist, TaylorMade and Callaway editions on the market.   Have your Dad come in, take it on the course and if Dad likes it, Square Deal Tiele will get you a great deal!  Just for Father’s Day, I will give your dad one dozen of his favorite golf balls with the purchase of a driver - my gift for your support!! 

We will be postponing the first week of the free weekly Sunday Junior clinic to June 14th @ 1pm. We will continue to monitor what Gov. Baker will allow us to do on a weekly basis!! Hopefully, we will be able to begin next week!!

Dick Syriac (laryoflenox) writes:

I have always been an advocate of fast play on a golf course. I guess I could also say that I am not a fan of slow play. I've always believed that someone could shoot 100 and could still be a fast player.
Therefor there are many golfers who I would rather play with than play behind. I learned to play with my father as a youngster and he was always barking "Lets go, hit the ball, it's getting dark". The fact that I have a short back swing, I blame on him.

One of my major peeves is to watch someone putt out on a green and then walk 30 yards back to their cart. A cart or a players bag should always be located in the direction of the next tee. Allow me to introduce a theory that I have to speed up play at Waubeeka and any other golf venue in the world. Whether you use a push or pull cart, a carry bag or a motorized golf cart, I'm talking to you.

Lets introduce the HIT and GIT system for the 2020 season at beautiful Waubeeka. After hitting a shot from a fairway or rough (second cut if you are at Augusta) keep the club that you used in your hand and don't put it back in the bag until you get to your balls location. Using this method eliminates the group behind you from watching you wipe off your club, put on the head cover etc etc. Place the club in the bag and select another at this time. 

You will be surprised to see how many minutes can be shaved from a round and the group behind you may even purchase some drinks for you after you add em' up.

Alumnus of Waubeeka sighting:
Former Head Professional at the Beek, Bob Thomka can presently be found running the golf shop at Oak Ridge Golf Club in Feeding Hills.
Next time that you tee it up, keep your proper distance and get some for additional distance from your driver.

Two golf courses in Western Mass have been fined or shut down for violations on social distancing by their patrons.
Lets not let anyone take our game away.

DEEP Thoughts 

Read what PGA Pro Harold Varner III says about the George Floyd ordeal. 

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