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FROM THE GM - Vicki Richardello

As you all know, prices have skyrocketed….gas, food, supplies. We all have had to tighten our belts, consumers and business owners alike.  If you’ve noticed a 3% rise in our prices, it’s probably the very minimum we could raise to try to make ends meet.  Gas which supplies all of our equipment, food that we purchase from our vendors, basically everything has gone up much more than 3%. But, we are offering a discount for those who pay with cash or check….3%. Please know that this was not an increase that is going to increase our profit…it’s an increase to lower the hit much higher than 3% that we, too, are paying for everything that is purchased to manage a golf course. Thanks for understanding.

The Open this week looks to be a very interesting, perhaps a volatile tourney.  With so much going on related to the LIV tour, we wonder what the fans will think of those playing in the Open who have now dropped the PGA for the more money-making LIV tour.

Our good friend Elaine Gebhardt, has given us some “inside information” from the US. Open at Brookline. This is what she has to say:

The atmosphere in Brookline and Boston is electric right now.  The NBA Finals with the Celtics and the US OPEN are both taking place this week.  It doesn't get much better than that.   I have the good fortune to be a Hole 5 Captain for the marshals on our hole and will be at the course everyday this week.  Did you know that there are 3500 volunteers for this event?  For our hole alone we have over 70 volunteers.  It's a fun time to be inside the ropes and up close with an opportunity to learn about what goes on at these events behind the scenes.

Players are getting their practice rounds in, with some of the amateurs getting an additional round in over last weekend.   Players who have signed on with the LIV league all have policemen walking in their groups.  TV camera crews are adding equipment and microphones and even burying cameras in along bunkers and such. So each day more preparation is taking place as we prepare for Round 1 on Thursday.

Hole 5 is a short par 4 at just 310 yards but all uphill.  There's a ton of trouble around the green with a number of bunkers, fescue and rough. Players can reach it, but is it worth it??  The safer play might be an iron off the tee and leave it in the fairway approach.  During the practice rounds players are all playing their iron and then bringing out the big gun and letting it rip just to see.  Rory hit it over the green with his driver on Monday.  He planned to try a 3 wood yesterday.  Wonder what the Canadian Open champ will use during the tournament rounds??

Enjoy the Open.  If you can be on property -- count yourself as one of the lucky ones.  Will we see another amateur win like in 1913?  That would be quite the story.

Elaine Gebhardt,
Executive Director of the NEGCOA

One wonderful story I recently read was about the First Tee youngster, Kira Dixon, chosen to interview some of the players before the start of play at the Open.  A question she asked John Rahm, “Who do you want to win, the Warriors or the Celtics?” His answer, the Celtics.  I’m thinking I just may have to start rooting for John Rahm.

Speaking of the Celtics, Game 6 of the NBA Championship will be played tonight in Boston. It’s a do or die situation for our green team.  Let’s hope they play well and send this series to the 7th game. 

It’s hard to believe we are two months into the golf season.  On Saturday I was able to get Mike to Waubeeka and in a golf cart to ride through the course.  He saw many members, many friends, many guys playing in the “Wow”beeka tournament, and I thank you all for lifting his spirits.  He was exhausted when we left a couple hours later, but we departed with a list of jobs he wants done on the course.  I can’t say there is anything wrong with his brain….he’s still the boss and by the looks of the list he had me make, he knows exactly what he wants.  And, that makes me feel wonderful! 


Our time now will be spent clearing those sections of the course where we have taken down trees and brush.  We also will concentrate on finishing the aesthetics around the ninth hole.  Now that the summer season is in full swing, the mowing continues daily, too.  


On Monday we hosted the South Williamstown Community annual. Over 40 members attended and all raved about the food and venue.  We are happy to have happy neighbors!

FROM THE PRO - Erik Tiele

Cleveland Golf Demo Day 
Click on the link here to schedule your fitting with Cleveland/Srixon. 

There is a poster out on the main scoreboard where you can sign up for a time with the Cobra Rep on the demo day.

The annual “Wow” Beeka Tournament was held this past weekend and what a great weekend it was! Congratulations to defending Champions Geoff Tatro and Todd Shafer for winning this year’s Championship Flight with a two day total of 64-70-134. Mitch Spooner and Kevin Lamb finished second, 5 shots back. The First Flight was claimed by Chris Martin and Kurt Bartzsch with a two day total of 75-69-144. The Second Flight was won by members Ron Goss and Dan Bourdon with a two day total of 76-73-149. Schuyler Robinson and Corey Amman were the victors in the Third Flight with a score of 83-80-163.


The first of my two Adult Golf Schools took place this past Tuesday, Wednesday with a finish of today. 11 students took part for an intensive 3 days of instruction which covered all of the essentials. 

This coming Sunday we will be having our First FREE Junior Clinic. The class will run from 1-2 and be followed by snacks down at the clubhouse. I hope to see many of my former stars and many new ones! Thanks again to Mr. Deep for being such a generous host when it comes to Junior Golf…no one does it better!

There were no Sunday Sweeps this past weekend due to the “WOW”Beeka Tournament. 

My first Junior Golf School will begin next Tuesday and run through Thursday. My second class is already full and I only have 2 slots open for the third one. To reserve these last spots, call 413-458-8355.

Dick Syriac (laryoflenox) writes:


I have attended many high school baseball games at various venues over the years. I have noticed many things while taking in these games.

#1 The umpires do a great job.

# 2 The average age of these men working the games continues to rise. Where are the youngsters to fill vacancies when these dedicated vets hang up their chest protectors?

# 3 Unlike when I played, there is no bat bag filled with bats for the team to use. Most of the players have their own bats and believe it or not, often will not allow teammates to use their bats. 

# 4 All schools struggle with athletic budgets,( see empty bat bag) and I have a solution that will bring instant results.

A baseball costs about $8.00. At recent games at Mount Greylock, Monument Mountain and War Memorial Field in Lenox an average of 15-20 balls were fouled off behind home plate that ended up in the possible tick-infested woods filled with trip hazards and who knows what else.

Usually a team has a designated ball retriever to hike after these balls having no idea where they  ended up. As he is looking for one ball, often another will also find the woods and he will return to the dugout empty handed.

Let’s figure @ 15 balls a game x $8.00 x 10 home  games and your ball budget is minimum $1,200 per season.

How can this problem be addressed?

A: Order pallets of baseballs before the season at discounted prices. See if they come with a mini GPS installed.

B: Move home plate back and eliminate the possibility of balls flying over the backstop.

C: Of course all the bases will also have to be adjusted and new baselines installed and bring in the pitchers mound etc..etc... oh let’s forget C.

D : Contact some local fence contractors and ask them if they would install additional fencing overhang on the backstops. Duh? They just might do it as a community service and place their logo and company name on the extension for exposure and advertising.

Or hire one of these outfits to fix the problem and pay them. Money will be saved in the long run. 

With all the money saved, maybe the town of Lenox would consider replacing the dugouts that were blown away by a winter storm a couple of years ago at War Memorial Field. Players on both sides are in constant danger from foul balls. If someone gets hurt at these games it could result in a major lawsuit.

The condition of that field is an embarrassment.

Do school officials or School Committee members ever attend these games and want to protect the players and take pride in our town facility?  I guess not.

I now have to be careful stepping down off this soap box.


Thanks to all the tellers and staff at the Lenox branch of Greylock Federal Credit Union who sent birthday wishes to our German Shepherd Jonah on his 7th birthday.

Jonah never passes by the bank without saying hello to Carlo, Katie, Kayla, Deb and Vanessa and not leaving until he performs tricks and enjoys a biscuit or two.

This branch bank is the "Cheers " of all banks because they know everyone’s name.


Continued success to the Mount Greylock teams that are still alive in State Tournaments. The baseball team is in the State Semifinals while the girls Lacrosse team is in the round of 16 after a comeback win over Mashpee on Sunday.  


Did you know that the Red Sox are still paying Manny Ramirez and Dustin Pedroia $2 million a year in deferred salaries?

Let’s not forget the $16 million being shelled out to David Price in leftover salary as he toils away for the LA Dodgers.

The Sox are also on the hook for a $3 million signing bonus being paid to Adam Ottavino while he makes $4 million in 2022 salary with the Mets.

Speaking of the Mets. they are still cutting a yearly $1,193,248.00 check to 59 year old Bobby Bonilla and $250,000.00 to 58 year old Bret Saberhagan for their deferred salary contracts. I wonder what the  General Manager who cut those deals is doing for a living now.

The agents for these two players are probably retired and enjoying cruising around on their yachts out in the Hamptons. 

A Slice of Art - 

The other night, our bar manager Cindy took a ride out on the course with her dad.  She’s heard so much about Waubeeka, and finally got to see what everyone talks about in the clubhouse.  She took this amazing picture.


This past weekend brought us to Galloway, NJ at Seaview, Bay Course for the Shoprite LPGA Classic presented by Acer. Canadian golfer Brooke Henderson finished -12 to claim her 11th LPGA tour title. 

You may be wondering what Ms. Henderson is playing with so you can win your next major LPGA title:

Driver: Ping G400 (9° @ 7.7°, Graphite Design Tour AD-VR 5X shaft)

Fairway woods: Ping G400 (3, 14°, Alta CB Orange 65 XS shaft); Ping G400 (5, 17.5°, Tour AD TP6X shaft)

Hybrid: Ping G425 (5, 24.5° @ 22.75°, Fujikura Pro 73 R shaft)

Irons: Ping i210 (5-UW, Nippon Modus3 105-S shafts)

Wedges: Ping Glide Forged (52° and 60°, Nippon Modus 115 Wedge shafts)

Putter: Ping Cadence TR Putter Ketsch C (32.5″, PLD Graphite Shaft)

Ball: TaylorMade TP5x

Today starts the beginning of the Meijer LPGA Classic for Simply Give in Belmont, MI and runs through the 19th. This is the 8th year for the event, and takes place at Blythefield Country Club. 

PGA Tour

The RBC Canadian Open in Toronto wrapped up on June 12th with Rory McILroy defending his 2019 win, the last time this event was held. This is Mcilroy's 21st PGA Tour title. 

Here is the equipment Rory McIlroy used  to make it to the winner’s circle:

DRIVER: TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ (9 degrees) with a Fujikura Ventus Black 6X shaft

FAIRWAY WOODS: TaylorMade SIM (15 degrees) with a Fujikura Ventus Black 8X shaft. Stealth Plus+ (19 degrees), with Fujikura Ventus Black 9X shaft

IRONS: TaylorMade P730 RORS proto (3-PW) with a Project X 7.0 shafts 

WEDGES: TaylorMade MG3 (54, 60 degrees) with a Project X 6.5 shafts 

PUTTER: TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast

BALL: TaylorMade TP5x

Today starts the beginning of the U.S. open right here in Brookline, MA at The Country Club. Didn’t the US Open organizers hear Waubeeka was available? Who do you think is going to take the title? Justin Thomas, McLLroy and Scottie Scheffler seem to be the best positioned to go home with the win.

DEEP Thoughts 

My treatments continue now at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton. I’m there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, pretty much for the entire day.  It’s an hour ride, but sure beats traveling to Boston. At home, I’m taking my chemo pills along with many others and hopefully, one of these days the improvement in my health will begin. I really enjoyed my visit to Waubeeka last Saturday. My goal for the next week is to get to the insurance company.  Oh yeah, I’ll be giving them orders too, but I don’t think they’ll mind at all.

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