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Good Morning Nate!

Greetings from Waubeeka

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FROM THE GM - Vicki Richardello

When a 14 year old is the club champion!

Sincere condolences to those families and friends of the victims taken so tragically at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.  Our hearts are broken and we can only hope that something will be done to lessen the chance that this may happen again.

Buckle up!!  It'S WILCO WEEKEND!!  Amy Yoes is burning her own art!!

“It’s not whether you win or lose,”’s how you accept defeat.  Kudos to PGA professional Chilian Mito Pereira  who led at Southern Hills for 71 holes before imploding! (a la Jean Van de Velde, ‘99 British Open). His post match interview shows that he is a true gentleman. I’m sure we will see more of him in the future. And, I, for one, will be rooting for him!

Next Wednesday Tom Brady  & Aaron Rodgers will play THE MATCH against Patrick Maholmes & Josh Allen.  The 12 hole exhibition from Wynn, Las Vegas should be hilarious!  It can be seen live on TNT at 6:30 PM.  This type of event has raised north of $33 million for charity!


I thought for sure the filly racing in Saturday’s Preakness, (Run for the Black-eyed Susans)  Leg 2 of the Triple Crown,  would overtake the guys.  A good showing by Secret Oath who came in 4th. 

Congratulations to Early Voting a 5 to1 people’s choice.  Job well done!

June 4th, our Members Appreciation Night has been postponed. 

Women’s Golf Day is Tuesday, June 7.  Check next week’s newsletter for upcoming events. 

Last week I asked for opinions as to whether PGA golfers who have decided to venture to other leagues should be banned from playing in the PGA tournaments.  I heard from a number of people, but Rick Pohle, former pro at Taconic I think stated it best, while Nisky1 offered a thoughtful counterpoint:

"Yes on the issue of the tour being able to ban players who leave for other ventures. The PGA Tour has long been the standard in professional golf and they have a responsibility to their sponsors, the fans and the communities - not to mention the membership of the clubs they compete at. The players need to comply with the wishes of the equipment companies they represent and get handsomely compensated by." - PGA Professional Rick Pohle

"NO they should not. The best element of running a business is competition. Let players play where they want. If a tour is unhappy with participation, they’ll need to change something. That is how everything gets better. Those who want to play for LIV will have to accept consequences of peoples opinions."
- Nisky1

The National Division 1 Men’s Championship will be played tomorrow - June 1 at Grayhawk GC in Scottsdale, AZ.  The Ladies’ Division 1 Championship  concluded yesterday with Stanford First Year student, Rose Zhang capturing the title.

Despite 28 minutes, 4 rebounds, 11 points and one assist from the Miami Heat’s Duncan Robinson, our Boston Celtics grabbed a 3 - 2 lead for the Eastern Conference title with  a 93 - 80, game 5 victory in Miami.  The C’s outscored the Heat 32 - 16 in the 3rd quarter last night!  The Celtics will attempt to win the East at home Friday night at 8:30 PM.

Shucks, I knew this would happen!  Nick Saban, perhaps the most successful recruiter in NCAA college football history, teed off on his former assistant, Texas A&M coach Jim Fisher, because of alleged violations. Watch how this (NIL) Name, Image & Likeness plays out, especially in basketball!  What about DIII? 

Congratulations to Cheshire Police Chief Tim Garner, who will retire June 30 according to a story by Brenda Caufield of the Cheshire Chatter.  Tim can be seen frequently at Waubeeka helping distribute Coca Cola products.    

The Country Club is apprehensive, going from excited to having Tiger play in the OPEN, to fearing he may withdraw, since he withdrew from Sunday’s final round of the PGA.  Also, he has thrown himself in the middle of the LIV issue and deeply regrets that he and Phil have a strained friendship.

Dick Vitale, former basketball coach and ESPN & ABC commentator, appeared on SportsCenter to report that his throat cancer is improving nicely.  Dick formerly owned the home next door to former World Poker Champion and Drury High School sports star, Ray & Carol Lamoureaux. We wish Dick continued improvement and hope to see and hear him again broadcasting games and matches.

The last Spring Cup match of the season will be played today at Crumpin Fox.  Team Waubeeka will be playing CC of Greenfield. Good luck to all!


My responsibility as a golf course superintendent is to provide care and maintenance to Waubeeka golf course. In addition, I supervise a team of staff members to coordinate work schedules for landscaping and maintenance of the grounds. I’m fortunate to have a fantastic crew of ten employees to assist me who are highly motivated, detail oriented and enjoy the outdoors as much as I do!

I know I speak for myself and my team that we make every attempt to keep things in top notch shape and appreciate your patience if it takes us a couple days to get something cleaned up that was unexpected, such as a tree falling. We are all working extremely hard! Any concerns, please feel free to bring them to my attention and I’ll do my best to promptly address them.

We do our best to play a key part in creating a world-class experience for our members and guests alike, and to stay true to our theme that it is in fact always “a beautiful day at Waubeeka.”

Looking forward to seeing you over the summer! 


Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with us! Grab a burger, a dog, a cold beer and skip the cooking!  Our outside patio at Tavern on 7 beckons!


FROM THE PRO - Erik Tiele

I’ve been told that all good things come in three’s and low and behold Hole in One #3 in the 2022 season came yesterday on the 16th hole!! John Dabrowski, slam dunked  a 6 iron on the 152 yard par three.I was one of the lucky witnesses along with Jim Crews and Bob Desanty!!! This makes “Ace” number 6 for John over his golfing career!!

Father’s Day is June 19th and we are holding a special sale on Titleist golf balls. $45.95 dozen for Pro V1x and Pro V1! Also, take $25 off all putters or golf bags!!

We are almost there… If you haven’t done so already…get that entry into The ‘WOW’beeka Tournament, Saturday, June 4, is the deadline or  until we have received 50 paid applications.  For an entry go to There are still a few openings remaining!

COBRA DEMO DAY…. June 25th from 12-4. My good friend Bryan Leskowitz will be here to offer you the newest products from Cobra.

The Allied Father Son Registration opened last Monday. If you are interested, here is the link to register.

This week’s Sunday Sweeps was a Blind Draw Bestball. 1st Gross went to Mitch Spooner and his partner Denny Lawson with a 74, they won the tiebreaker over the team of Todd Shafer and Jack Pieraccini which came in second. 1st Net went to the tandem of Ron Goss and Bill Molloy with a 64 and second place was claimed by Russ Gilman and Tom Downey with their 65.

Bridgestone has recently relaunched its online ball fitting tool which you can check out here…give it a try here!

Dick Syriac (laryoflenox) writes:


All right all you sports trivia experts, here is one for you.

March 27, 1965, at a spring training workout, 21 year old Lou Pinella was hit in the face by a thrown ball during warm ups by a teammate. Who threw the ball?

It was the rookie shortstop of the Baltimore Orioles, Pittsfield High School graduate Mark Belanger.

Manager Earl "Buy em by the carton" Weaver did not see the accident because he was firing up a heater down the dugout runway.


OK that is enough. I don't know how, when or why it started but it is time to change something that needs to be changed.

May we finally eliminate the 9/10 cent placards from the tops of all gas pumps. What is that about anyway?

Can't our state also eliminate the state tax on gas for a couple of months?

Many citizens are struggling to gas up their rigs to get to work or make their tee time.

I also wish all those kids would get off my lawn!

While I am at it, let's point out something else that makes no sense to me.

If you want to take a chance on a $10.00, $20.00 or $30.00 scratch ticket (there are $50.00 ones in Florida) turn your head and there are stores that sell them.

If you want to bet some cash on a horse race simply open an account online. Many of these sites will even give you $300.00 to open an account.

If you want to have some action on an NBA playoff game or other sporting event and you live in Massachusetts you will have to drive over the Mass-NY border to reach a gambling site. Your cell phone will not connect you if you are in the Bay State.

Does that make any sense to you. Have you noticed the price of gas lately?

And also get off my lawn!


I noticed a couple of familiar names on the Tee Sheet at Wyndhurst this week and that both made me feel old and also took me down memory lane.

When I noticed "Koperniak" on the sheet I thought  Mike "Jocko" Koperniak and maybe wife Maggie were heading south from Adams for a round of golf.

Wrong, it was son Jason and we had a nice chat. Jason is co-owner of R&B Micro Manufacturing that specializes in production of Tiny Houses. His  foursome consisted of his former football teammates at Bowdoin College.

The other name that brought back many memories of the 70s was the Senecal group. This crew, also from Adams, recalled many softball games at Noel Field with John Senecal sponsoring the Chick’s teams in many leagues and tournaments. These guys witnessed many of these games but were too young to remember much.

Just what I need, more kids on my lawn.


I will be venturing up to Waubeeka for a round of golf this week. Can't wait, it is a special treat and it would only be better if you know who was in the corner office to greet us.

Hopefully, soon that will happen.

John Wells PGA, the dean of Berkshire County golf professionals figures the double bogey on 18 by Mito Pereira cost himself, not only the $2.7 million that went to the winner, but another $13-15 million in exemptions and endorsements. Mr. Wells cashed a few checks on tour and was paired with Arnold Palmer and other legends during his career. He was the main man at the Cranwell Golf Club for years.

Take his picture off the milk cartons, Rickie Fowler finished T23 and took home $129,000.00


Yesterday started the Bank of Hope LPGA  Match Play Event in Las Vegas.  Stream it on NBC App..

PGA Tour

The season’s second major, the PGA Championship, was played at Southern Hills CC in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Justin Thomas, winner of the famous Wanamaker Trophy and Tiger’s good friend, came from 7 shots back on Sunday to force the playoff.  Heartbreak for Mito Periera, who led most of the tournament.  Americans Justin Thomas and Will Zallatoris battled in a 3 hole playoff.  Thomas birdied two of the first 3 playoff holes to win. WITB; Sponsored by Titleist he uses the TSi3 10 degree Driver and the TS3 15 degree fairway wood, the 915 Fd 18 degree fairway wood and the TS 3 19 degree fairway wood.  His T100 5-9 Irons compliment his 46, 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges and naturally the Scotty Cameron putter.  He prefers the Pro V1x.  For the unlikely win, Justin picked up $2,700,000 Justin time (Pun is intended)!

Today marks the opening of the Charles Schwab Challenge being played at the Colonial CC, Fort Worth, Texas.

DEEP Thoughts 

For those of you who may not have known me,  I was a member at Taconic GC for many years.  I used to throw tees down to advertise my insurance business and received a letter from the Board of Directors that I was not allowed to do that and, of course, I was bummed.   I joked to my friends that I bought Waubeeka so that I could throw down as many tees whenever I wanted to.  Now that I own the course, I find myself picking up tees whenever I play.  Oh, times have changed! I can’t wait to start picking up tees again!

On Tuesday I graduated from my 30 radiation treatments and had a bone marrow biopsy and an MRI with good results. I’m on to the next phase and although I know it will be a challenge, I am confident that I can persevere.

I miss my family and friends so much.  Can’t wait to see you all!

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