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Good Morning Nathan!

Greetings from Waubeeka

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FROM THE GM - Vicki Richardello

The First Couple of Weeks~my perceptions:

Everyone has said the course is in terrific condition, tee to green, we are in great shape. The areas off to the sides still need attention and we need to begin concentrating on improving the aesthetics in those areas.  Much of our time has been devoted to Hole #9; but when completed, it will be well worth it.

The kitchen with new staff is booming. We are working on finalizing a new menu and ironing out the kinks so that purchases can be made quickly and accurately. Soon we will have a new credit card company to insure this happens. 

After some deliberation we have decided to raise the price of our golf carts. Unfortunately, with the price of gas where it is, we will need to raise our prices $2 across the board. If the price of gas drops significantly in the upcoming months, we will do the same. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

If you are one of the “oldies” who remembers NACC when it was in its prime, consider Waubeeka. Many of the former NACC members are members here and are enjoying the camaraderie they have experienced over the years. Play with these guys and gals….and you’ll have fun!

Something to think about…..with our Number 1 Guy presently “off duty,” it would be wonderful when problems arise, to have someone say, “Let me help you with that.” Thank you Sandy, Tom, Chuck, Nick, John and others who have stepped up to the plate. Your help is invaluable. I know it’s difficult when you work and have little time, but many members are retired and what better way to support the club you love than to volunteer; not everyday, not every week, but when you can. Plant a flower bed, weed around the patio or front of the clubhouse, offer to fix something broken. A little effort goes such a long way and at this time is appreciated more than ever.

With the forecast for a rainy spring, let’s hope the weatherman is wrong. But, just in case, this article gives 10 of the best tips I’ve seen on how to prepare for playing in rainy conditions. 



One of the major issues facing Waubeeka and all superintendents in the country for that matter is the shortage and expense that goes along with purchasing GRASS SEED. Presently we have seed that MAY get us through the season.  But, having a range, where seed needs to be planted regularly, I have a concern. It may be necessary during certain times to limit the range to mats only. We will know more as the season progresses.

Waubeeka has one of the best ranges in the state and we hope to continue its use for not only members, but also others who may wish to use it. 

I've noticed that golfers' etiquette seems to be changing. Bunker rakes have been placed around all bunkers, but it seems not too many golfers are using them. I saw last week where someone took a push cart into a bunker. It's important to leave the bunker in a similar condition for the next group. 

Continued cart path repair work is still ongoing along with irrigation repair.


Join us at Tavern on 7 next Thursday, May 5th for Cinco De Mayo! Play a round of golf and enjoy a Margarita with our Shrimp Tacos or one of our other delicious menu items. All of our staff are ready to serve you, such as our new team member Chandler. Chandler is always enthusiastic and eager to help!


FROM THE PRO - Erik Tiele

Meet the newest members here at Waubeeka! The Club Car Tempo Walk Behinds have arrived. We are the first facility to have them here in Berkshire County.  Walk Waubeeka in luxury! These four new carts will allow you to walk the course and it will follow about 8 feet behind. It features a GPS unit, drink holder, divot mix bottle and charging station for your electronic accessories.

The cost for members will be $17 dollars for 18 holes while the nine-hole rate will be $11.  The cost for non-members is $22 and $14 for 18 and 9 holes respectively. 

I had the pleasure of getting my first round under my belt here at Waubeeka last Wednesday. I thought that the course conditions were very good for this early in the season. There are a few areas out there that will really be nice changes once the projects get finished.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!

I am ready to start teaching for the season now that the range is open and we are off of the hitting mats. Give me a call and we can delve into your golf swing to get those pesky kinks out!

Remember, you don’t have to call the golf shop every time that you need a tee time. Just simply go to our website and take a minute to fill out the booking feature and you will be able to make a tee time 24/7 without having to call the golf shop.

The annual “Wow” Beeka Tournament is being held on June 11th and 12th.  If you plan to play, sign up today and we will send you the link to redeem your Footjoy Pullover. The application you can print and send in here

We have one more opening for our second junior golf camp being held on June 28, 29 and 30.  To reserve this last spot, call 413-458-8355.
The first Sunday Sweeps was held on Sunday. The format for Week 1 was delete hole #9 and #10. Our first weekly winners were: 

It is hard to believe that May 1st is right around the corner.  Let’s get out there and play and get to know each other. The first of my 5 Play with the Pro Days will be on May 10th. Just sign up with 2 others and we’ll play 18 holes and have a bite to eat afterwards. The dates of the other Play with the Pro are: June 8th, July 13th, August 23rd, September 26th.

There will be a celebration of life for my good friend Fred Goerlach at Berkshire Hills CC on Saturday from 1-4. If you knew Freddy, please stop in and say hello. 

Dick Syriac (laryoflenox) writes:

While Mike is resting at Mass General, he is probably doing something that he often does not do, watch TV. During this period he has caught up on the NBA playoffs, MLB early season action, (or lack thereof.) golf events, and maybe even a little bit of  the Andy Griffith shows. If he has been paying attention he has noticed some of the following :

*MLB umpire 60 year old Angel Hernandez is the worst and has been for decades. Just ask Kyle Schwarber of the Phillies who took an early $50,000.00 shower Sunday night.

* It was tweeted, “Most professionals take pride in their work, strive to improve and have integrity.

Then there is Angel Hernandez.”

* As of Monday morning the White Sox have lost 7 straight; the Twins have won 4 in a row. The once proud Cincinnati Reds, well,  that is another story.

* Vlad Putin was looking pretty frail while attending a church service last Sunday. That is a shame, but my question is, what religion would let him in the door?

* Miggy Cabrera is a pretty good hitter. If he played in NY he would have a statue by now. He is an under the radar superstar and has been for years. Detroit is lucky to have him.

* Duncan Robinson of the Miami Heat has a strange role for the playoffs. 28 points one game and 3 points in  9 minutes of playing time in another. Did  he forget how to shoot over night?

* Scotty Scheffler can really golf his ball. Two good snags by an announcer during recent telecasts. Scheffler entered 110 tournaments as a youngster in Texas and won 96 of them.

How about the sudden death playoff at Augusta between Scotty and Cameron (Smith)

Free publicity for the Scotty Cameron putters ?

* Where did little Oppie Taylor's hair go and how come Andy never got him a dog?

In 1995 Owner Abe Pollin  changed the name of the Washington Bullets to the Wizards. He felt the name created violent overtones in the crime infested DC area. How did that work out?


I cannot wrap my head around the new name for the Cleveland Baseball team. I guess "Mistakes on the Lake " was copyrighted.


Live in the Springfield area and want to send your child to Pope Francis Academy (formerly Cathedral HS)?  That will be $ 11,000.00 a year, please.


Was that Angel Hernandez who called the 6th foul on Jason Tatum in game 4 Monday night?

That call should be investigated by the league.


When I was in college, I took a philosophy course with a professor who will go nameless. I'm sure he was a nice guy with a wife and kids, but in the classroom, he was a bore. He had a tendency, make that a major tendency, to use the expression "all right now" during his lectures.  

It was evident to the class that he did this and it became a distraction. It got to the point where we would count the number of times he said it during a 45 minute session.

He would average 30 per class with a high water mark of 55. We would even place bets on the over/under. The over/under on my grade for the course, was set at D. Take the under!

Allow me to submit a couple of current day challengers to "Professor All Right Now".

If any of my readers follow the Red Sox on NESN I am about to ruin your concentration and enjoyment of any future telecast.

You will notice both Kevin Youkilis  and Lenny DeNardo will overuse, make that wear out, the use of "right there" and "right here".while describing on field or post game action. They will simply not let it go. Maybe the producer will bring it to their attention but I doubt it.

Enjoy the game, all right now.

A Slice of Art - 

Our newest piece of art has been installed on the 14th Hole one of our most picturesque locations. The sculpture, a monolith of a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary created by Ivan and Sanja Stojakovic will be a favorite to all!  


23 year old Japanese, Nasa Hatoka posted a 5 shot victory at the DIO Implant Open played at the Wilshire CC in LA.  Today the Ladies will tee it up in the Palos Verdes Championship in the same LA area as last week.

PGA Tour

Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele were simply the best team at the Zurich in New Orleans this past weekend. For leading wire to wire, they each took home $1,199,350 as they teamed up for this once a year partners event. Cantlay had his bag full of Titleist clubs, while partner Schauffele was mostly Callaway except for his Vokey wedges. Today marks the start of the Mexico Open at Vidanta.

DEEP Thoughts 

I've been staying at a beautiful condo overlooking the Charles River with a view of the Prudential Center and other beautiful sites for about 10 weeks now.  It came with a fully stocked refrigerator and the deluxe Direct TV package including the  NBA Playoffs, (whereby yelling at the television screen helped the Celtics to sweep the Nets), the Masters, MLB and Headline News.

My condo included a private bath and of course, room service. I have pushed myself to walk about 6 holes daily.  The doctors feel I have improved enough to finish my 19 remaining radiation treatments from a rehab facility here in Boston.  I am thrilled about the possibility of being with my friends and family and being at Waubeeka by June 1st.  Thank you all for your prayers, cards, notes and many other acts of kindness you have shown me. 

By the way….this beautiful “condo” was designed and built by the Harry and Rita Patten Family Foundation! Many thanks to them!

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