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Good Morning Nate,

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FROM THE GM - Vicki Richardello  

Let’s spend some time talking about our GHIN system and posting scores.  Supposedly, our world handicap system,  a relatively new way to post scores, WORKS…...Yes, that’s if players post their scores and whether or not they post their scores correctly.  For those who don’t like to post a high score, so be it. Don’t count on winning a tournament and in reality, if you don’t post scores, you shouldn’t play in tournaments. You play for fun….understood.   But the biggest issue is those who shoot a low score in a tournament and seem to forget to post it.  In a typical friendly round of golf you may take mulligans, you may give and get putts, and no one really cares; it’s just a round of friendly golf.  But, how about a tournament?  A participant wins low net, and everyone looks to see what the player shot and it’s not recorded.  Hmmmmm.  In a scramble or scotch, you can’t post a score, but even in a best ball tournament, even if it is match play, USGA states “scores should be posted.”  For those of you who don’t know how to post a score in a best ball tournament, the USGA  has a very easy way to do it.  It tells the maximum number of shots you can have on a hole or what your most likely score would be. If you don’t know, check out the USGA website, especially 3.3 Posting Scores on Holes That Have Not Been Completed.  In the meantime…...please post all your scores…low or high.  Golf is a sport of integrity; there are no referees watching your every move.  Let’s be fair to all.  Perhaps, in tournaments, for clubs and even Mass Golf tourneys, tournament scores should be posted by the hosting club. Then we know it has been done.

Elaine Gebhardt is an inspiration to all of us.  She is  Executive Director of the New England Golf Course Owners’ Association.  Elaine is not only our leader, but our good friend and supporter.  She has worked hard for many years to support ‘Golf Fights Cancer’ where she has raised thousands of dollars for the cause.  In December, she too was diagnosed with cancer.  A fighter, a believer, she played the round of her life in August at the Country Club with former Red Sox pitcher, Tim Wakefield.  Watch this video for some very interesting information and definitely lots of inspiration. Thank you, Elaine, for ALL YOU DO!


Yale vs. Columbia, a rematch, scored on a holes won basis to commemorate the first ever golf match played between 2 schools in 1896.  Columbia avenged its 35-0 loss to Yale 125 years ago with a 15-2 win. Redemption... a long time in the making!  

As first reported by Howard Herman of the Berkshire Eagle, last night Chris Conroy, Williamstown, MA native, umpired the World Series from Right Field.  Tuesday night he called balls and strikes in Game 1! And….from all reports we’ve seen, not one bad call to his credit.  Great job, Chris!  Tomorrow night watch Chris in left field! 

The Berkshire County Seniors is a well run and terrific organization.  They have been organizing fall golf tournaments every year for the past 19 years.  Last week was the final event of the 2020 season played here at Waubeeka.  Mike Cherry and George Candellet won first prize, but the real first prize winners were all the youth who have been given and earned scholarships from this wonderful organization over the past 20 years.  Last week they honored junior golfers Alex Axt, Cayden Conry and Cameron Turner with both a pasta dinner and $250 toward any college of their choice.  

For 49 years Berkshire County Golf Courses have run Monday morning 9 hole tournaments at all the local courses where the juniors were transported by volunteers to a new course each week, and given lunch for the kids to socialize.  This past season the tradition died.  Ask 10 people why and you get 10 different reasons.  No matter, this tradition must be revived; the sport needs it and the kids want it!  Call pro Erik Tiele if you can volunteer to drive one or more Monday mornings, a 3-4 hour investment per week!

Hopefully, we will be able to bring you 2 more editions of our Newsletter.  Our final publish date is November, 11, 2021, as we plan to close after our final tournament, the Ginger Brandy Open, on Sunday, November 14!  Of course, everything is weather dependent.  Check our website daily; we may try to stay open a little longer!

Speaking of November 11, we welcome all Veterans to a complimentary round of golf, a cart and some good food!  Register online or call the shop!  Thank you for serving our great country!

Our annual 2022 golf calendar is at the print shop. Every year we try to give the calendars to our members and friends before they head south or west, but once again, there is a fly in the ointment!  There seems to be a paper shortage, so we hope to get you the calendars as soon as possible, certainly before January 1!  Love the new normal-- paper shortage, grass seed shortage, golf club shortage, employee shortage!  Yikes!

True, the golf course may close November 15, however our 6 EV electric car charging stations will still operate during winter months, 24/7.  Just good info in an emergency!

Finally, congratulations to our head PGA Golf Professional, Erik Tiele, who has been re-elected to the NENY Section Board of Directors.


FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT - Brian Bartlett            

It’s been a very rainy past 7 days.  Not only were we closed two days because of rain, but to add insult to our injury, a main sprinkler line broke yesterday and thankfully, we were able to shut the system down in about 4 minutes.  It’s amazing how much damage 4 minutes of flowing water can do to our golf course.  We’re hoping for better weather, more sunshine and a lot more growing season before we start our button-up process for the winter.  We have shut one ice machine off, upper bathrooms are scheduled to be closed next week and irrigation lines are being drained and blown out as soon as all repairs are completed from this last issue.


Reservations are required, as we close early now that darkness is upon us.  We have cut back on orders, plenty of food left, but when an item runs out, we will not re-order.  Call 458-6000 for reservations.


FROM THE PRO - Erik Tiele 

Frost Update: 

We had our first frost of the season this past Sunday. A 1½ hour delay due to a heavy frost!  Please keep in mind as you read this:
1. The delays will only become more frequent and          possibly longer as we progress into the season.
2. The more that you complain will surely make the frost disappear more quickly, but only if you complain outside.
3. This affects all players and tee times, not just you!
4. The Superintendent and myself do everything possible to get you on the course as soon as possible.
5. Patience is a virtue!

Trade-in your golf clubs.  Bring the clubs to me; I will pay you in cash the true value of one or all of your clubs.  I will look up the value on the internet and have a price in 5 minutes! 

Three days left to redeem all proshop credit! Make sure to get your winnings!  Also, if you were a winner in the Women’s Fall Classic, The Berkshire Seniors or the Par Three Tournament, we will allow those winnings to be carried through into next season. 

The Lenox and Mt. Greylock golf teams will have to wait until this upcoming Tuesday to play the State Tournament. The event was rescheduled after Tuesday’s rainout. Again, best of luck, gentlemen!

Just a weekly reminder that Golf Shop hours are now daily 8-6. 

Our Annual Par Three Tournament was held this past Sunday, October 24.  All 18 holes were turned in par three’s of varying length. We had another great turnout in what has become a fan favorite especially for Al Stalker, who became a Threepeat Champion!  His 54 won the gross portion. He was followed by Geoff Tatro and Gary Wood, who both tied for 2nd with their 60’s and fourth was claimed by Jim Crews, 62. The net portion was highly contested and Jack Pieraccini outlasted Jerry Bush 51.1 to 51.4. Third was captured by Al Goldstein, 53.1,  while Dan Bourdon took home fourth, 55.4!  The women’s bracket saw Nancy Barry win first, 62. Judi Willette claimed second, 67. On the net end Jan Carroll found the winners circle, 57.2 and Sandy Bourdon took second, 59.5!  Thank you to all who played.

Dick Syriac (laryoflenox) writes:   

A few years ago I ran a column on friends and celebrities as to what would be their "Ideal Foursome" to tee it up with (No family members allowed).  I recall my entry to be Mickey Mantle, Ramon Dominguez, myself and Bob Hope.  A recent email reminded me why I chose Mr. Hope.  (For our younger readers, ask your grandparents about Bob Hope; he was quite a man).  Bob Hope lived to be 100 and has been gone 17 years.  On turning 70, "I still chase women, but only down hill.”  On turning 90,"You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.”  On turning 100 "I don't feel old, in fact I don't feel anything until noon, then it's time for a nap.”  He also was credited with the following gems:  On golf, "Golf is my profession. Show business is just to pay the green fees.” On his earlier career, boxing "I had to give that up, it ruined my hands, the referee kept stepping on them.”  On his 6 brothers" That is how I learned to dance, waiting for the bathroom.”  On Presidents," I have performed for 12 presidents, but  entertained only six.” 

The Mick could hit home runs, Ramon could ride the heck out of a race horse but Bob Hope was one of a kind, an American Treasure.  When he went to foreign lands to entertain our Armed Forces during wars and conflicts, it was a must watch. He was loved by our entire nation.  When our round was completed I would have liked to be joined at the 19th hole by George Carlin for added entertainment.



Linda and I visited with Fred Goerlach last week and was taken aback by a letter that Fred received from Pittsfield native and former major leaguer, Tom Grieve that was taped to the wall by his bed.  Tom was able to play a round of golf with Fred and I a couple of years ago while visiting family in the area.  We talked baseball during the day and that was the only encounter they had.  When Tom learned of Fred's health setback he sent him a message like he had known him forever.  The Goerlach family was very thankful that he reached out.  I recall Grieve visiting McCann Tech to talk to Ron Goss' football team (Grieve was Blue Chip Quarterback for the Generals of PHS, besides being a first round draft pick by the Washington Senators, managed by Ted Williams).  

When he spoke, the kids listened. Tom Grieve is a first class guy who never forgot where he came from.  Fred continues his day to day recovery and rehab.  If you would like to make it to Fred's wall, he can be found and will remain for a while at

Fred Goerlach
Hillcrest Commons Room 427
169 Valentine Road
Pittsfield, Ma 01201 

Slice of Art - A perspective of art from the point of view of golf 

Bear by Ken Packi, well known winning sculpturist has on display many of his carvings.  So much talent, right here in our area.


PGA Tour -   

Masters Champ Hideki Matsuyama won the ZOZO Championship in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, by five shots over American runner-ups Brendan Steele and Cameron Tringale.  The Zozo Championship was the first PGA Tour victory for the Japan native, who shot a lights out 65 in his final round, including 3 birdies and an eagle on his final hole!  Matsuyama credited his win to the cheers and energy from his hometown fans!
What’s in Hideki’s bag?  

Srixon ZX7 9.5 degree Driver (Graphite)
TaylorMade SIM2 15 degree 3 wood (Graphite)
Cobra King RadSpeed 19 degree 5 wood
Srixon Z-Forged 4 - PW Irons
Cleveland Wedges 52, 56 and 60 degree
Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS Putter
Srixon Z-Star XV Ball

Today, the weather at Port Royal Golf Course in Southampton, Bermuda is sunny and 86 degrees.  The men are playing in the Butterfield Bermuda Championship.



A Jin Young Ko won the BMW Championship in Busan, Republic of Korea, her native country, in a sudden death playoff over Hee Jeong Lim. Fittingly, it was the 200th win by a player born in South Korea on the LPGA Tour!  Last Thursday we reported that Ko’s try for 15 straight rounds in the 60’s was not successful, however that did not detract her from from finishing 64, 67, 64 and moving to No. 1 in the World Rankings, pulling ahead of American Nelly Korda after her second LPGA Tour win in succession!  This will be another idle week for the LPGA Tour.  There are 2 weeks left on the LPGA schedule, the LPGA Player of the Year is strictly a race between Ko and Korda.  How they finish in the next 2 weeks will determine the LPGA Player of the Year!


DEEP Thoughts - 

Thank you to the member who answered my thoughts on the minimalist approach to golf in last week’s newsletter.  Waubeeka exists for its members and succeeds because of them.  We will never make any decisions about ball washers, benches (especially those named in honor of former members), trash cans, course signs, etc., unless they are well thought out and have minimal impact on every member!  We have a suggestion box, an approachable Pro and GM, discuss every proposal seriously and want to be the best golf course in this state!

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