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FROM THE GM - Vicki Richardello -  

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day on Saturday for the Ladies’ Fall actually felt like June!  One hundred women played in the Best Ball event, with winners both gross and net in all three flights.  

After tournaments like this, it is important to post your score!  Even with a better ball format, all scores should be recorded….remember, the MAXIMUM you can take is 2 over par, plus whatever handicap shots you get on the hole.  If you have not posted your score and don’t know what you shot, please contact us; we still have the scorecards.  Ladies Fall Classic Results for the themed “
Kindness Matters” are:

Closest to the Pin -

#3 Linda Kolnick 7’8”
#7 Marilyn Truskowski 11”
#10 Jean Sennett 7’7 1/2”
#14 Sue Longlade 3’6”
#16 Linda Kolnick 1’8 1/2”

Was certainly so much fun watching the Ryder Cup this weekend from Massachusetts, but…...

From the I Am So Jealous Department:  Club Champion Nancy Barry spent last Saturday on the 8th Hole at Whistling Straits cheering on the Americans and eating cheese!  She saw many awesome tee shots, approaches, putts and jubilation!

Our Open Mixed Scotch will be held on Sunday, October 10th. The entry form can be found here! The deadline to sign up is October 3rd.

The Farmer’s Almanac says today is a good day to cut hair to slow growth, start a diet, quit smoking, mow grass to slow growth, ask for a loan and get married! True or fiction?

FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT - Brian Bartlett            

Anyone who noticed the several brown spots on the third green never imagined it was a Blue Heron pooping on the green in several spots.  Thank heavens for our sod farm.  Knowing the pattern, I’m sure it will be back to mark its territory!  


Oh, what a wonderful September we had!  We served over 700 meals and made our guests happy with our kitchen staff’s culinary talent!  Special ‘Thank you’ to all organizers of events for choosing Tavern on 7 and Waubeeka for your dining enjoyment.  Specials this weekend include: Salmon Salad on Sourdough, Filet Mignon, and Steak Tips.  Reservations are required.

FROM THE PRO - Erik Tiele -   

PXG Golf  and Cobra Golf will be here for our Demo Day on October 8th from 10AM to 4PM. The PXG Rep has asked me to schedule 1 hour time blocks for the PXG fittings. They will also have walk ups to try out equipment but you won’t be able to get an actual fitting feedback via this method. The Cobra Rep doesn’t require fitting appointments to try out any of the Cobra products. I hope to see you there!

American Legion Tournament in honor of Dennis Dostie will be held on Saturday,  October 9th. It is a nine hole scramble with tee times beginning at 8:30. Call the golf shop to get your time today! There will also be a picnic following play and you must let us know if you are planning to attend that.
The Mount Greylock Golf Team will be holding its fundraiser golf tournament this year on Sunday,  October 17th.  It will be a 1 PM shotgun start. The cost will be $50 per member and $75 for a non member to play. Teams will be a 4 person scramble. You can stop in to fill out an application or call the golf shop to register your team.

The Berkshire Seniors Fall series has been around for quite a few years now  and is a great  supporter of junior golf right here in our county. They run a 5 week series of golf tournaments all throughout Berkshire county and vary the formats at the different venues. After the season concludes, they give a number of local golfing seniors scholarships.  We will be hosting the season finale here at Waubeeka on Wednesday, October 20th!

This past week’s sweeps format was to delete lucky #7 and #14. (par 3’s) The winners were: 


Dick Syriac (laryoflenox) writes:   

 Is plagiarism a bad thing if you admit that you are doing it?  The following information was purloined from a recent column of Phil Mushnick of the New York Post.  With all the hullabaloo about the Ryder Cup (Us vs Them) (USA vs Europeans) he made some excellent points.  I will add, is it really what it seems to be?  Many of the Euros went to college in the US and have homes here at present. Some have married American girls and live here and play on our tour.  Who do their wives cheer for during the 3 day weekend?  Do they wear red white and blue outfits?  Jon Rahm is married to an American and lives in Scottsdale, AZ.  Sergio Garcia has a home in Florida and his wife Angela is an American.  Paul Casey lives in Arizona.  Victor Hovland went to Oklahoma State and lives in Stillwater, OK. (WHY?)  Ian Poulter has a crib in Florida, (Why NOT?)  Luke Donald, a vice captain for the Euros lives in Illinois and Florida and his wife is from Chicago.  There you have some information that you may not have realized, and thanks to Mr Mushnick for doing all the heavy lifting.

Nice to see our newsletter editor, Vicki Richardello, at the Wyndhurst Golf Resort this past weekend. We provided a preferred parking spot for her but evidently not enough ladies room facilities.  I'm sure she  survived and enjoyed the day with a very nice group of ladies.  It was nice of Mike to give her the day off.

Where does the line form for the eat crow buffet?  In an earlier column I was all over Brian Cashman, GM of the NY Yankees, for giving a major boatload of money to Giancarlo Stanton for many years to come.  After his performance last weekend in Boston, I take it all back.

Note to KC Chiefs coach Andy Reid: That big yellow cooler full of Gatorade that your players often dump on your head after victories is also there to consume and stay hydrated.  Stay upright big fellow.  


When you have ever purchased a new vehicle from a dealership I can tell you a question that you never asked the salesperson, "Will there be a problem getting parts down the road"?  If you are in the market for a new ride, I suggest that you make that inquiry at the close of the sale.  I spoke to a gentleman who brought his $80,000.00 2019 BMW in for brakes and rotors.  He was told, “Good luck with that.”  There are none, anywhere, not even in Dingolfing, Germany where most are produced.  How about their plants in Great Britain or Austria?  Sorry.  He now has a very expensive lawn ornament sitting in his driveway.  Another person told me his Land Rover needed a simple part; I forget what it was because sometimes I don't listen.  He was told, "Not going to happen, at least for a few months.”  Maybe this is the reason that pre -owned cars and trucks are the way to go?  Buyer Beware.

Slice of Art - A perspective of art from the point of view of golf 

Ahimsa is a beautiful sculpture created by Kent Mikleson located on our campus directly in front of the proshop.  In Hindu it emphasizes the ethical principle of not causing harm to other living things.  


PGA Tour -  
The 43rd Ryder Cup, USA VS. Europe at Whistling Straits set a new high watermark for American golf!  Four undefeated youngsters, Dennis Johnson (5-0), Patrick Cantlay (3-0-1), (Bryson DeChambeau (2-0-1) (Round 2 of the Long Drive Championship today), Scottie Scheffler 2-0-1).

More on Bryson DeChambeau- He finished in 2nd place in his group Tuesday at Mesquite, Nevada in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship.  His best drive was 412 yards and on Wednesday he advanced again to the round of 32.  Today, he will try to be one of 16 golfers who make the finals on Friday.  Watch it all on  Listening to all the participants in the event, they had nothing but praise and admiration for the PGA star, and Bryson had nothing but superlatives about all the competitors in the event, commenting they all had ball speed that he could only dream of, calling them exceptional athletes and friends. “I’m like a kid in a candy shop...I love it.”

Today marks the start of The Sanderson Farms Championship being played at the Country Club of Jackson, Jackson, Mississippi.


Nasa Hataoka won the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship at the Pinnacle CC in Rogers, Arkansas by a single shot, despite a 3 putt par on her final hole!  The 22-year-old from Japan had a hole-in-one on Friday and another hole-in-one on Saturday to pick up her 5th career LPGA win.  CME Group will donate $20,000 to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital for the 2 aces!

Tomorrow the ladies will tee it up at the ShopRite LPGA Classic by Acer at the Seaview Hotel, near Atlantic City, NJ.  An all star field will compete, including Hall of Famers, 7 of the top 10 ranked players, past champions and past major winners!  The broadcast team will for the first time in history be an all lady team headed by the popular Judy Rankin!

DEEP Thoughts - 

Bryson DeChambeau is doing a great job at The Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship, not only promoting golf but also promoting Bryson DeChambeau.  Let’s hope he makes it to tomorrow’s finale! Many golfers I have spoken to think that he should concentrate on regular play and forget about the Long Drive contest. But….if you can do both well…..why not?

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