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Good Morning Nate,

FROM THE GM - Vicki Richardello

Our hearts are broken!  The epochal carving on the 18th tee box, the sculpture with 11 animals so meticulously carved by world class artist Ken Packi, the work which people driving on Route 7 would stop for a photo opportunity, the piece that golfers enjoyed while ending their round at Waubeeka and would take one last photo has been taken down by Mother Nature!  Last Thursday afternoon, our little community was shocked seeing the 6 year old beautiful work laying helplessly on the ground, the Mama Bear separated from her cub, the owls trying to fly off, the turtle unaffected, the woodpecker out of a job, the squirrel downed in disbelief!  Thankfully no human was injured (after all, it was a very windy day.)  With a little help from our friends, we have spent this week with the artist trying to figure out the best solution for our growing figures at Waubeeka.  Click here to see our other works.

We are searching for an artist to create a robust display of artwork at Waubeeka.  Have an idea?  Would love something bronze, metal, steel, concrete or a combination of!!  Let us know what your attraction for drivers along Route 7 may be?   We have a budget for another 1, 2 or 3 pieces along the highway or within the golf course proper.

The Jim Foley Foundation Virtual Road Race was a huge success last Saturday.  $115,683.27 was raised!!  Jim was a journalist who was killed by the Islamic State 6 years ago.  Jim’s brother Michael has played golf several times at our course and visits this area often!

Thank you to those new members who have joined for the 2021 season!  Can’t wait for spring to get here!  We will not implement the $2000 initiation fee until 1/1/21!  Today, I want to talk about the cost for a young lady or young man to join Waubeeka if you are under the age of 40.  If you have a 4some, each of you can join for the entire 2021 season, avoid the $2000 initiation fee, play in all club events, bring a guest for a reduced fee, get 10% off most purchases, get your GHIN card, plus additional benefits for a cost of $1,000!  That is a no brainer!!  Get over or call the pro shop today, 458-8355!!  If you are under 40 years old, please pass this note to all your friends!!

Another reason to join, MassGolf sponsors Spring and Fall Cup Matches.  All female members have the opportunity to be on the Waubeeka team for 5 weeks in the Spring and another 5 weeks in the Fall!  New members can play on either the Spring or Fall Cup team, or both!!  We travel to different courses and the cost is more than reasonable!

All Veterans should mark their calendars...On Veterans Day, Wednesday, Nov. 11, you can play at Waubeeka for Free!!! 18 Holes with cart and lunch. Thank you for your service!!!

Trying to limit those on the course to members and guests.  Caught this raccoon last Thursday on Hole #7, who did not pay greens fees and didn’t even have clubs!! But…..gotta love Mother Nature! 

The Houston Rockets of the NBA have named Rafael Stone as their new GM!  Stone played basketball at Williams for legendary coaches Harry Sheehy and Frank Zoltek!

Current Major League Baseball Umpire, former Waubeeka member and Williamstown native Chris Conroy just finished umpiring in the American League Championship Series between the Tampa Bay Rays and Houston Astros.  Chris was behind the plate in game 4 and got a shout out from color commentator Ron Darling for his excellent work in calling balls and strikes.  Chris is now serving as an alternate for the umpire crew in the World Series so he is in Texas ‘at the ready’ in case he should be called into action!

Eric Mabee, Head Golf Professional at Country Club of Pittsfield, has announced a Halloween Treat for all Junior Golfers 8 - 18 years old, girls & boys.  Starting Saturday, Oct. 31 at 12:30 PM, Two Person  teams, this event  is free.  Great fun, sign up now, here is the link to CCOP!

SPECIALS and NEW FALL RATES - Hole 2 will be a temporary green effective today, as we are following the USGA recommendation, as we would like to host the USGA National Girls Championship sometime in the future!

  • Every Monday, now till close, Golf  $59 - 18 holes, with cart, a cup of soup and ½ sandwich!!
  • Tuesday - Friday  Golf  $59 - 18 holes, with cart
  • Saturday and Sunday $69 - 18 holes with cart


Have you noticed the reclaimed blacktop piling up near the maintenance shed?  Working on making the entire course finished in an earth friendly substance that is both good for golfers and good for the environment!

Starting new drainage and trap work on green #2 today, so 2 will be a temporary green for the balance of this season.  Big plans for a new bunker design and at least 10 truckloads of New England bunker sand is on the way! 


Soups: Minestrone and Clam Chowder 

Maybe our food was great, was that the reason that the Berkshire County Seniors raised $500 for Junior Golf?  Their biggest haul of the season.  All money goes to raise scholarships for Junior Golf!  Maybe the turkey made them give, or maybe they just love to encourage our youngsters to get out on the links, enjoy the sport and have fun!!!

Thanksgiving and Christmas parties - Reserve now while your date is still available.

FROM THE PRO - Erik Tiele

Winter is coming.  You all have pro shop credits coming.  PRO SHOP CREDITS EXPIRE in 10 days, Sunday, Nov. 1.   Redeem your credits now.  Use ‘em or lose ‘em!   Watch this video of a product that I want you all to try.  I guarantee, if you purchase the Delta Dueler, and use it every day on your living room rug, kitchen floor, basement, or practice green that comes with the dueler, anywhere there is a flat surface,  your putting will be the strongest part of your game!!  I guarantee it!

The 6th annual Gold Jacket Tournament, the alleged premiere forward tee tournament in the Northeast, concluded last Sunday, after a heavy 2 hour frost delay, with the grand prize, a gold sequin encrusted sport coat, being won by Jeff Bourdon.  Jeff attributed this major win to his putting skills and thanked runner-up Jim Crews for a fierce stretch battle coming down to the wire!!

Results of the Fall Mixed Scotch Tournament from last Sunday played out like this!!!

The Gross portion saw Kyle & Shanna Gregoire take home first place with a fantastic score of 73. 2nd place went to Michael Mertes & Jill Rogalski with 74, 3rd was claimed by Jacob Mathews & Elise Almgren, who won in a match of cards over Dennis Yarrows & Chris Eugin. Both had 76’s. The Net side was won by Jim Wood & Karen Ryan with their 66. 2nd Net went to Jeremy Stachowicz & Liz Kay with a 68.3. 3rd Net went to Ron McKay & Mary Clark with their 68.44 and 4th went to Doug Reed & Ann Pickrell’s 68.45.    

A shout out to Steve Magargal for donating our Closest to the Pin contest prizes...we certainly appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness!  Thanks, Steve!  AND, yesterday was your “Happy Birthday!” You won first prize, congrats!

The Berkshire County Seniors finished out the year with their Two Man Scramble here on Wednesday. Payouts are per player!! 

Making the winners circle were:


1st        64  James Ryan - Steve Magargal              $85 
2nd tie  67  Bill Gates - Mike Cartier                        $48  
                   Bob Linn - Jim Warren                          $48
                   Ralph Dastoli - Scott Hunter                 $48


1st       57.99   Don Pierce - Brian Gravel               $85 
2nd      59.43   Dennis Boldyga - Robert Smith      $65 
3rd       62.59  Tom Wiencek - Bruce Gelinas         $50
4th       63.26   John Dabrowski - Chris Baran        $30  



1st      68   Ron Legere - Larry Longo                     $85 
2nd     70  Randy Hawthorne - Jim McMenamy      $65
3rd tie 71  Chuck Lewitt - Al Stalker                        $40 
                      Fred Scully - John Meaney               $40


1st   62.75   Ken Hodgdon - Ron Bernardi             $85
2nd  64.07   Dick Syriac - John Davidson              $65
3rd   64.15  Jim Balfanz - Gary Schieneman         $50
4th   64.32   Mike Rybka - Rich Van Alphen          $30

This Sunday, Oct. 25, we are holding our famous Par 3 Tournament.  $100 to the first hole in one!!  All the holes will be played as par threes ranging in distance from 80 yards to 200 yards!! Entry fee.. members $20 (all prize money), non-members $100 ($20 prize money).  Ask me about the details!!

Still some CBD Oils, Hand Salve and Lotions remain.  Interested in Christmas gifts or just stocking up, now is the time.  Pro shop credits may be used to purchase CBD Products.

TaylorMade is offering 20% off on all the SIM product lines until Thanksgiving!!!  I have a few pieces left so come grab one and don’t miss out on a great deal. 

Love the views at Waubeeka? Have you seen the new photos for sale in the shop? There are some unreal photos available for purchase!! What a neat way to spruce up a corner of your living room or den!! Check them out!!

With only 2 weeks remaining in the Fantasy Golf League, these 4 have separated themselves from the rest of the field!! Things are getting interesting!! Chuck Lewitt has moved into 2nd with a big score from Xander Schauffele.

KEN SANN           19,241,486
CHUCK LEWITT  18,223,179
RON GOSS          17,904,097 
ANDY VIDAL        17,228,328

Rules Question of the Week
Big Al Before hits his tee ball on the 14th green 6inches just below the cup, it is at rest on the putting green. As he approaches the ball, the ball moves for no apparent reason to another spot.

True or False, The ball must be replaced. (Ref# 334)

B. False

Rules Answer

B. False 
Explanation - Rule 9.3

Dick Syriac (laryoflenox) writes:

I know that this is the Waubeeka Newsletter but I have to relay some more comments that I have received from people who knew PGA professional Tom Sullivan who recently passed away. John Courtney, long time coach of East Longmeadow High School golf and Western Mass tournament czar recalled two events.

"We brought our kids up to Wyantenuck for a practice round. The coaches were going to play behind the kids and Sully noticed that the bus driver was rolling some putts on the practice green to kill some time. He came out with a set of clubs for him and told him to join us.  At the conclusion of our tourney Sully greeted the players with a large selection of Big Y pizzas that he purchased for the contestants, on his dime. That was Sully, always doing things for people".


I've been watching a bunch of football and baseball recently and wondered about some observations that I have made.  I wonder who was the first play by play guy to utter the phrase "He was able to get off the field "under his own power". What does that mean ? Every announcer has said this many times. Do they teach that at Northwestern and Syracuse school of broadcasting?  Baseball has changed and, to be honest, can be a tough watch. There is very little small ball being incorporated for it is either strike out or go yard.  Every bullpen guy is a specialist and pitches to his three batters and then exits.  If a shift was ever put on Tony Gwynn, Pete Rose or Rod Carew they would have hit .500.  And then there is the always annoying Troy Aikman of Fox . He has never met a word that he didn't like. He will provide an analysis of every play right up to the snap for the next play.  I guess that is his job, but it is annoying. Almost as bad as his former teammate "Moose" Johnston. These guys don't seem to get it, it is television, not radio, we are aware that they know the game but they don't have to constantly remind us. While he is at it maybe Aikman could straighten out a few things for me.  I would like to know the difference between "a great job", an "outstanding job" "a heck of a job" “a pretty good job "a nice job" etc..etc.  Also do we really need him to tell us throughout the game "someone has to step up and make a play" many times over?  If you think that I am a grumpy old man be aware that I have never told anyone to get off my lawn.

In the "where have I been department", I saw something this week that I never knew existed.  A lady walked to her mailbox at her driveway's end to pick up her mail.  She did not have to risk stepping into oncoming traffic because her box had a front and back door . What a great invention, be honest did you know this product was out there?

My vanishing footprint continued after I left North Adams.  My office at Aaron Posnik in downtown Springfield was blown away by the tornado and the company has relocated to West Springfield.  I spent over 12 years working in the nuclear power plant industry.  The Yankee Atomic Plant in Rowe Mass was decommissioned and dismantled.  Ditto Vermont Yankee in Vernon Vt.  All that remains up there is a bunch of concrete casks containing spent fuel rods which is patrolled 24/7.  I worked from March of ‘04 until October remediating the Tannery property in Pownal Vt.   I joined Waubeeka and would stop, shower and play after work that year. Waubeeka is still thriving. The Tannery is history.

A late addition to my contribution to this weeks' edition.  I just watched the 2nd half of the Chiefs- Bills game Monday night.  Joe "In this game" Buck and Troy  Aikman were in the booth.  Before I could locate my mute button on the remote, Troy hit us with 3 great jobs, 4 good jobs, a nice job, a heck of a job and an adjustment in mid stream when he hit us with " A good job, an excellent job". Maybe the producer could mention to him to stop annoying his viewers?  In the booth on TBS for baseball coverage you may find the team of Don Orsillo and Jeff Francoeur.  We will certainly be made aware of the inning that we are watching, many times.  Keep your remote mute button charged up.  * FYI, Tony Romo makes $900,000 per game, and he doesn't have any linemen  chasing him trying to hurt him. The former Dallas QB is pretty safe in the booth.

* Happy trails to "simply the best" Mike "Doc" Emrick. If you don't know who he is, it is your loss.

PGA Tour

233 PGA starts without a win didn’t discourage Jason Kokrak from entering the CJ Cup at the iconic Tom Fazio designed Shadow Creek!   What others in the field didn’t know was Jason was one of the very few that played a lot in Vegas and knew the greens really well!  His paycheck for the week, $1.755 million!!  Worth the wait!   Jason, defending champion Tiger, Phil and their friends will be at  Sherwood CC inThousand Oaks, CA for the ZOZO Championship.  No one in the field will have to worry about making the cut!  John Daly played last week in Mississippi with a collapsed lung!  Phil loves the Senior Tour!


The Drive On Championship will begin today at Reynolds Lake Oconee in Greensboro, GA.  In the field will be Rolex ranked #10 Lexi Thompson, #5 Danielle Kang and #9 Minjee Lee.  This will be the last LPGA event for 3 weeks and then get ready for a month of BIG LPGA events to end the 2020 season!!  

DEEP Thoughts 

With the spectacular resurgence in the playing of golf, now is the time to lobby your grade school, high school and college to ramp up or begin a golf program open to every single student.  Golf can be played by every age, is inclusive to everyone, can be fairly matched against any age with the handicap system, is fun and can be played by all from almost cradle to almost grave.  Did your local high school offer a golf program this year?  How about the college you are applying to?  Take a good look…….golf is a sport that definitely would add to assets of a school!  A PLUS  in so many ways!

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