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Good Morning Nate,

FROM THE GM - Vicki Richardello

WOWbeeka Weekend, October 3 & 4 is fast approaching.  There is no better time to plan a trip to the Berkshires, stay at a local hotel, 1896 House (4 minutes north, 413-458-1896) has rooms available, and the fall foliage is glorious!!  You and your partner can play in this tournament for less than the regular Sunday green fee rate, plus prizes!!  Call your favorite partner, fill out the entry HERE and mail to Waubeeka!  This field will be limited to the first 50 paid teams!

Now is the time to send in your application for our annual Fall Mixed Scotch Tournament to be played Sunday, October 18.  Since we cannot do a shotgun start, we will accept bookings from 10:30 AM until 2 PM. We are asking you to send in your application with who you would like to play with. Every application should have 4 names on it, your partner and another couple to make up the 4some!  Soup on the turn and a boxed lunch at the end of your round will be served. The autumn views are predicted to be better than ever!!  Save the date and watch the website for the entry form.

North Adams’ Hayden Bird led MCLA Basketball to its best season in many years last year.  Unfortunately for Hayden and the rest of the Trailblazers, his senior season opener has been postponed until January due to Covid-19.  Let’s hope that we get to watch Hayden and teammates in 2021!

All First Class mail sent from Waubeeka Golf Links will have an Arnold Palmer forever stamp attached to it.  Mr. Palmer sent us his signed photo and autograph 5 years ago.  What a treasure to have! 

Exciting Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.  Jimmy Butler, Duncan Robinson and the Miami Heat took a 1 - 0 lead over our own Boston Celtics.  Howard Herman had a great article on Duncan and Mike Crotty in last Sunday’s Berkshire Eagle.  Game 2 will be televised tonight at 7 PM.  Game 3 is scheduled for 8:30 PM Saturday!

Congratulations to Arthur Zelmati (Cranberry Valley CC), winner of the Massachusetts Mid-Am Championship.  He came back on the final day from a 7 shot deficit to overcome defending champion Nick Maccario, (who shot a 56 ten days earlier) and on the third playoff hole beat Matt Parziale, winner of the 2017 US Mid-AM!  On to the National Mid-Am for Arthur!   Our good friends, Sue and Bob Pleines are members at Cranberry Valley.  I’m sure they are very proud of their fellow member!

Bob Linn from Berkshire Hills CC took 3rd place yesterday in the New England Super Senior Division at Bretton Woods, NH.  Bob tied for the low round of the day yesterday with an even par 72.  Another local, Andy Congdon, tied for 6th place.  When it comes to golfers and golf courses, Berkshire County takes a back seat to no other players or venues!

Join Waubeeka NOW!  Best opportunity ever offered.  $300 to play for the rest of 2020 AND this $300 will be credited toward your 2021 membership AND avoid any initiation fee!  The 2021 Membership rates and fees can be found here!  Any current member who brings in a new member will be entered in a drawing for the PINNED rangefinder!  Sign it out for a free demo.  And…...four new members join for the price of three (and avoid $2000 initiation fee). Maybe, the USGA says it best with their new brand manifesto~~Golf is a game that treats everyone who plays it the same. The golf ball does not care how old you are, how tall you are, what gender or race you are, or where you were born. The impact of club-face to ball is the only factor that determines where a shot ends up.

For all that golf is, we at the USGA know it can be even better. The new USGA brand campaign launching this week during the 120th U.S. Open at Winged Foot Golf Club seeks to turn the uplifting potential of golf into action and enhance the game’s positive impact on people, communities and the environment.

Perhaps nothing says it better than this manifesto:

Golf is different. It has the power to unite. To thrill. To humble. It’s a force not like other sports. Not just because it has the ability to get us to set our alarms for 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning, but because it has the power to change who we are for the better. Golf is good for us physically. It’s good for us emotionally. It’s good for us spiritually. It teaches us honesty, grace and humility. There’s a magnetism to golf that no other sport has. It’s why every day on tees around the world, so many different people from so many different walks of life will find themselves meeting for the first time. And it’s why our members, staff and community are so dedicated to helping golf achieve its full potential. From putting on the most inspiring championships in golf to accessibility, agronomy, sustainability and education. We’re doing everything we can to grow and share golf with as many people as possible, for generations to come. Because we know the only thing better than what golf is, is what it can be.


  1. Make early tee time at Waubeeka, (Improve on yesterday's round)
  2. Pick your favorite pro at the U.S. Open and gamble that the two of you can beat whoever you're playing with and his PGA partner.
  3. Finish your round, grab lunch and catch the start of the U.S. Open.
  4. Head home, grab the best seat in the house, and watch the U.S. Open at Winged Foot!
  5. Practice your putting on the rug during commercials.
  6. Tell your spouse what a hard day you had after the U. S. Open!

Tammy Wright sent us this photo of the plume from the western fires causing a haze over the 4th fairway.  The haze is not harmful, but it sure is beautiful! The racoons in the foreground appear to be nervous! 

Those playing in this Saturday’s Ladies’ Fall Classic~the forecast is for zero % rain and a low temp of 36 degrees at 6 AM, all the way to 61 degrees at noon!!!  We can gather up to 50 people outside, 6 per table, 6 feet apart while standing and wear your mask.  Let’s enjoy this opportunity to meet, have fun, catch up and STAY SAFE.  YIPPEE!!

Finally, on a funny note, let me know if this ever happened to you on Greylock’s Grandeur, our 8th hole? Watch HERE.


This is my favorite time of the year!  I look back and see the many positive changes that our grounds crew and nature has given us and the improvements that happened; the change in air flow patterns, the healthier turf, the firm and fast fairways and our tru-rolling greens.  It's not all lemonade; there were some lemons thrown at us;  that first fairway, which is looking much healthier each day, our sprinkler system, which just refuses to flow fluidly and our equipment breakdowns.  From those lemons, I see lemonade in our future.  Our plans are to systematically replace our older machinery, even more aggressively than we have in the past.  Time we spend mending equipment is always better spent on the golf course, our season is so short!  This fall, we would like to work on a few cart paths and better the drainage on Holes 15 and 17.  Winter, our hope is to remove the dead trees which detract from all the natural beauty that surrounds us!  PLEASE don’t drop your cigarette or cigar butts anywhere on our property!


Dine with the fishes!  Salmon is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acid, which reduces inflammation!!  This Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will be featuring Salmon specials on our menu. Blackened or Grilled Salmon on a house salad or with potato & vegetables, $17!!  Pair with a glass of house Chardonnay! Exercise, eat healthy, eat Salmon!

Wash your hands!  Before eating your meal, especially after golfing, head to the restroom and use plenty of soap.  Soap is the surest way to prevent the spread of Covid-19!  On your way to and from, wear your mask!

Our guests are loving being able to see our menu on their cellphone!!  I think they like our outdoor dining better, especially the views!

Thanksgiving and Christmas Parties - we will accept reservations for parties of no larger than 25.  Lunch or Dinner. Let us prepare a seafood dish, pesto chicken, a turkey breast special, Filet, Prime Rib, pasta w/garlic, a total gluten free selection, or a couple of off the bone pork chops!  Just call the Tavern on 7 at 413-458-6000.  Let’s pick a date and a menu!

FROM THE PRO - Erik Tiele

CBD Oil.  Go online and read about the many benefits golfers have claimed to receive.  We have a choice of concentrations - and you can use your pro shop credit!!  Most Pro shop credit will expire Oct. 31!

Thinking about a new set of clubs?  Last call if you would like to be custom fit.  Our company rep will be here before the first week in October.  Just call me, Erik Tiele, 458-8355 and I will set you up with a 30 minute private fitting.  There is no obligation to purchase and no high pressure sale attempts.

Sunday Sweeps this week was Odd Holes only!! Todd Shafer took home the honors in the Gross division followed by Jamie Gaffey and Chris Bourdon. Net honors went to Fred Scully and Gary Urkevich and Al Field tied for second!! 

Our 2020 Junior Club Champion is Ben Dingman and our 2020 Cart Barn Battle Champion is Alex Axt. Congratulations to both Champs and a great job by all of kids that I have working for me in the Cart Barn!!!

The Senior Club Championship begins today! We have a field of 25 players battling each other from the Gold Tees!! Good Luck to all!

Fantasy Golf is moving along.  While technically moving into the new season for the PGA with the FedEx Cup having concluded, our season continues along. No one in  this season's pool has Dustin Johnson so the race in our fantasy league remains close. Ken Sann holds the top spot with Ron Goss and Andy VIdal close behind while Chuck Lewitt and Robin Therrien have made up some big ground!!

Play with the Pro.  I have 2 spots remaining on the final play with the Pro Day on Tuesday, September 22nd.  New member Tom Reap has already claimed one spot so please...sign up now! As this letter goes live,  I am out playing with Linda Nichols, Donna Peters and Mark Peters. I’ll let you know how things went next week. 

Click here to join me in the 3rd part of our putting lesson, "How to put within 3 feet of the hole".

Rules Question of the Week

In tapping down her ball marker on the putting green, Kay accidentally causes it to move, Kay replaces the marker on its original spot. Sandy immediately claims that Kay has incurred a penalty!! What is the ruling? 

Rules Answer

There is no penalty when the player accidentally causes the ball marker to move on the putting green.(Rule 13.1d) The ball marker must be replaced on its original spot.

Dick Syriac (laryoflenox) writes:

Let’s begin with the Good News Department this week. The first piece should also be considered for the "It doesn't get any better than this" department.  * Last week Wyndhurst Golf Club in Lenox hosted the 4th Annual Liann Bordeau-Buck Memorial Golf Tournament.  They had great weather and a strong turnout for a good cause.  A member of the host club, who was not playing in the event, inquired at the registration desk what the event was all about.  He, who will go unnamed, was impressed and wanted to get involved.  He told the ladies that he would match the amount that the event raised up to $10,000.00.  They all started crying.

I believe he received a complimentary logo tee shirt for his kindness and generosity.  Trust me, his check will clear.

* Wednesday morning I was off to Springfield Country Club to join some high school buddies.  Two members of the group  attended NASC and Paul Quinn was a classmate of Mr. Deep.  His brother Donnie Quinn was in Eddie and Judy Noel's class.  Completing the foursome was Frank Capuano a former teammate of mine and father of former major league pitcher Chris who pitched for the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers during his career.  If I kept the ball in front of me and didn't  make a fool of myself maybe I'll give a report next week. Chris Capuano and I had similar academic achievements in college. During his four years at Duke University he only had one "B" on his report card, a feat that I had accomplished during my seven stint at NA State years earlier.  Oh, he was Phi Beta Kappa at Duke and ,unlike myself, went on to graduate from the MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program in 2019.

He now works for the MLB Players Association and carries a 2 handicap at his Arizona home course.  Chris pitched for Cathedral HS and gave up one earned run in four years.

*  I will have to leave early for my 10:30 tee time and be sure to stop at Donut Dip in West Springfield. Unlike Mrs Murphys' shop in Southwick, Donut Dip is alive and kicking during the pandemic.

* Don't forget to remind senior members of the schedule for The Senior Series . Berkshire Hills(Sept 23) had 42 signups as of Tuesday.

PGA Tour

Player of the Year - Dustin Johnson
Arnold Palmer Rookie of the Year - Scottie Scheffler

47 year old Stuart Cink went 21 under par in 72 holes to capture the Chevron Safeway Open in Napa, CA.  The last time Cink won a tournament was 11 years and 243 starts ago, when he beat 59 year old Tom Watson to win the 2009 British Open!  

All eyes now move to Winged Foot, site of the new season’s first major, the 120th U.S. Open!!  Will Mamaroneck, NY be Phil’s last chance to win his first ever US Open?  Can Gary Woodland defend, without fanfare, bleachers or concession tents on one of the world’s toughest 7,477 yard par 70 tracks?  Last season’s Arnold Palmer Rookie of the Year, Scottie Scheffler has withdrawn - he tested positive for Covid-19 just after being named Rookie of the Year!


Lucky Korean Mirim Lee won a 3-way playoff over Brooke Henderson and Nelly Korda at the 49th consecutive ANA Inspiration Tournament in Rancho Mirage, CA at the Dinah Shore Tournament course in Mission Hills CC.  The 105 degree temperatures invited Miram to jump into Poppie’s Pond on Sunday!  She was lucky, she hit a 5 wood off the blue wall used for fan refreshments on the 18th hole, (the blue wall shouldn’t have been there, there were no fans) which caused her ball to keep out of the water! She then chipped in for eagle the second time Sunday to get herself into the three way playoff and her first ever major!!!

DEEP Thoughts 

Interesting golf business.  Red Tail Golf Club in the old Fort Devens, MA is on the market and FOR SALE.  The asking price is $6,000,000.  The sellers don’t even own the land!!  What is the value of Waubeeka, especially since we are zoned for a hotel?  Can we use that equity to influence a large corporation to make Waubeeka the best it can be?  I would love to hear from that big corporation!  We’re almost shovel ready!!

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